Deep Bhattacharyya

Deep Bhattacharyya

Student at Monash University.
  Clayton, VIC 3800 Australia

Currently Studying:
Commerce Specialist (Finance)
+ IT (Business Information Systems)

Working knowledge of:
Python, Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS, node.JS, React Native, Bootstrap, PHP and VBA.

Year 12 Graduate from John Monash Science School:
Atar of 98.3 out of 99.95

Recent Projects - A Lyrics Maker

An app for all your lyric writing needs. Download it now from the play store!

🤖 DeeplyDiligent Bot

In the emerging field of Artificial Intelligence, I created a bot to help people remember their daily tasks. In the future, Google Calendar integration will ensure users can be reminded on all devices. This project uses node.JS and mySQL, which were used to communicate with the server and store reminders.

  Employee Tracking App for NBN

Designed a PHP based form to be used at my father's workplace for project management. Used my experience in PHP and MySQL to create a robust and adaptable solution, as required by the specification given by the company. Data entry skills such as input validation and mail merge were also important.

  Python Data Verifier for ClimateWatch

Designed and programmed a Guided User Interface to be used to validate data collected from public by the ClimateWatch organisation. The program integrated with the Google Search By Image API to check if the user submitted an image found elsewhere online. Learnt to work with tkinter, numpy and pillow.

 DeeplyDiligent Website

This website was made as a personal project in an endeavour to grow my reach using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques and to learn the Material Bootstrap framework for CSS. I was able to grow my expertise in designing elegant websites in addition to developing my online profile.

Work Experience


IT and Graphics Officer - Monash Accounting Students' Association

- Created eye-catching graphics for marketing events to 600+ members with over 100 people in attendance at big events
- Updated the MASA website every week
- Created a sign up form for all events to increase traffic to the website by 200%
- Served multiple roles in a team of 30 people including First Year Representative, Graphics Officer and IT Officer.


File and Finder - IT Startup

- Using Test Driven Development to boost reliability of MVP.
- Writing 500 lines Front End Code in React.JS, inclding over 10 classes.
- Integrating the front-end with back-end APIs.
- Working within a team using github.

Learnmate Pty Ltd

Learnmate - Tutoring VCE Physics (March 2017 to Present)

I have been delivering VCE Physics tuition lessons since March after receiving a study score of 47/50 for VCE Physics. This experience taught me to simplify concepts so students who didn't have the same background as me could understand. Furthermore, it also built my ability to run my own business as an independent contractor and selling myself to clients. 1

Hungry Jacks'

Hungry Jack's - Team Member (June 2017 to December 2017)

Worked in a fast paced retail environment, sharpening my problem solving and teamwork skills. I was able to pick up new techniques rapidly, allowing me to provide faster service and impressing my managers.

Monash Student's Association

MSA Finance Intern - Accounting (Aug 2017 to Oct 2017)

As an accounting intern, I was responsible for proccessing accounts payable, recievable invoices as well as parts of payroll. I developed sharp data entry and communication skills during this work placement, while also getting to know what it was like working for a non-profit organisation.

JB Hi-Fi

JB Hi-Fi - Software Advisor (Dec 2016 to Jan 2017)

In this Christmas Casual position at JB Hi-Fi, I served thousands of customers in their busiest time of the year. I was responsible for credit card payments, processing of dockets and upselling popular movies and games.

John Monash Science School

John Monash Science School - Teaching Computer Games Programming (January 2016 to April 2016)

As a co-curricular teacher at John Monash Science School, together with another collegue (David Pham), our responsibilities included planning and delivering 12 lessons in an engaging and informative way to allow students to create their own two dimensional game. This objective was then assessed in the form of a presentation where students were asked to make a simple game and then present it in a set amount of time. The progress of each student was tracked in excel and a final participation grade was awarded based on their presentations.


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